About with.drawal.info

with.drawal.info shows Ethereum validator withdrawals as well as the US Dollar value of each withdrawal at the time the payment was initiated by the network. This may be useful when calculating taxes on validator rewards but doesn't necessarily cover all income. (such as MEV payments, for example)

The term "withdrawal" is a bit of a misnomer. It covers the sweep transactions the network creates to send stakers any funds above what they have currently committed. Active stakers must commit 32 ETH so these transactions usually cover anything accrued over this amount. This includes any unpaid net rewards but can also include deposit overages. Conversely, if a user elects to exit staking, their original 32 ETH will be included in the withdrawal transaction as well as any un-swept rewards leaving the account with 0 ETH.

Withdrawal transactions don't incur fees. The system cycles through the list of active validators in ascending index order creating transactions as necessary. Currently the network takes about 5 days to cycle through all active validators before starting back again at the beginning.

There are a maximum of 16 withdrawals per slot and a maximum of 32 slots per epoch on the consensus chain. (or beacon chain) Epochs line up with blocks on the execution chain where withdrawals can later be spent.

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